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Studio gear brings out the inner child of every musician. So we thought: why not channel that inner fanboy or fangirl, too? With the clever new collection of electronic music merchandise available at our web shop, our accessories will stamp your personal space with your love of music.


We like geometry and we like symmetry. Some dirty, evil things tend to get thrown into the mix too (don’t even ask). And of course, just like you, we’re head over heels in love with music.

For now, we’re focusing on our obsession with electronic music by celebrating the beauty of vintage audio gear. After all, what’s music without analog instruments? There is something simply symbiotic about the industrial aesthetics of a 1980s synthesizer interface meeting with a modern, minimalist blueprint.


Oddshop’s aesthetic signature relies on hand-picked music elements, our own twisted eccentricities, a leftfield visual language, and the three magic words for the techno boss: “slick, minimal, black.”

It speaks to stylish enthusiasts of great music and clean, edgy design.

In time we hope to decorate your homes and studios with ever-evolving range of merch, fan gear, music t-shirts and much more good stuff, inspired always by our passion for audio gear.


If we upcycle an idea, we make it our own before putting it out there. So if our products resemble anything you’ve already seen, we thought of it first!
Moving on.



The Oddshop team comprises of celebrated artists, eccentric designers, our business and administrative head honchos and the omnipresent troubleshooter, all of whom are also responsible for I Love Music Academy.

Take a look around, like it, share it, and don’t forget to buy it!


THE 5 FREAKS OF ODDSHOP.IN is blazing ahead on its e-commerce journey with the support of five individuals who’re always on their own 5th dimension trips, at all times. (If you sit in on one of our meetings, you’ll understand.)

The Techno Boss: there’s no need to introduce this man, for his accomplishments speak for him. Asia’s Techno King put India on the electronic music map years before we knew about it – which is why if you don’t recognize him yet, you’re making questionable life decisions.

The Actual Boss: he who makes all the important business decisions. ALL. What pizza to order, which fabric to approve, what to stock, how to account for accounts, all the electronic music merch ideas that ever will be... He also happens to be responsible for most of our brainstorming session and all the coffee in our systems.

The Artsy Cat: we told you that our designer is a weirdo, right? Hanging somewhere her dual roles as metalhead fangirl and cat enthusiast, she does the r&d (that is, research and development, not rip & damage) of our products with daily Photoshop/Illustrator duties. Did we mention she has claws?

The Cheetah: who everything the rest of us aren’t able to, whether due to lack of time, energy or brains. Basically, our hero of Oddshop saves us from drowning. He’s got electronic music running through his veins.

The Troubleshooter: he’s our main man, the HULK. He is more white than green and you probably can’t call that a 6-pack, but he is pivotal to the process of converting raw materials into polished and packed merchandise. Without him, it would feel like the live screening of our worst collective nightmares.


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