For the odd ones. By the odd ones.
In celebration of all that is holy to the audio tech geek, our webshop www.oddshop.in presents a specially curated selection of electronic music merchandise produced in India.

Odd Shop’s visual signature is inspired by hand-picked music elements, our own twisted eccentricities, and the three magic words for the techno boss, Arjun Vagale: “Slick, minimal, black.”

Our products speak to enthusiasts of clean lines and edgy designs. We like geometry and we like symmetry. We value a left-field perspective in all things. And of course, just like you, we’re crazy about electronic music.

Currently, we’re tapping the rich history of the genre by experimenting with vintage audio gear. After all, what’s music without analog instruments? The industrial aesthetic of a 1980s synth interface aligns itself perfectly with the modern, abstract forms of minimalism.

In time we hope to decorate your homes and studios with an ever-growing range of electronic music merchandise, fan gear, music t-shirts and much more good stuff, rooted as always in our obsession with audio gear.

If we upcycle an idea, we make it our own before putting it out there. So if our products resemble anything you’ve already seen, we thought of it first!
Take a look around, like it, share it, and don’t forget to buy it.


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